Buying types of fabric for men’s suits from the most reliable brands

Buying types of fabric for men’s suits from the most reliable brands

Suits are the most eye-catching piece of men’s clothing
As a result, knowing the best brands of suit fabric is critical
I’ve chosen the best men’s suit brands
Despite some modest adjustments over the years, the suit has remained at the pinnacle of fashion for centuries
It still gives guys all around the world an air of refinement that they cannot acquire by wearing other attire
It is obvious that not all suits are created equal, and in order to find one that will look great on you, you must be knowledgeable about the cut, fabric, and fit
The good thing is that we can help you with a handy cheat sheet
If you’re looking for a suit that fits you precisely in every manner, go no further than the list of the top suit brands for men below


Ermenegildo Zegna is an Italian luxury fashion brand that is well-known for the superior quality and excellent craftsmanship of its products
The available suits are available in a variety of colors and cuts, ranging from unstructured to fitted styles

 Buying types of fabric for men's suits from the most reliable brands

The designs are not as adventurous, flamboyant, or colorful as those of some of the other labels; rather, they focus on providing timeless essentials that can be worn virtually anyplace
You have the option of adding a unique touch to your suit by selecting a silk tie or patterned pocket square; both of these accessories are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns to accommodate your individual taste

Thom Sweeney (Sweeney)

It is well known that the tailoring done by Thom Sweeney in the United Kingdom is of the highest quality
The suits are of exceptional quality and can be styled either formally or casually, making them suitable for any event that may arise
Savile Row trained tailors Thom Whiddett and Luke Sweeney decided to combine their expertise and create one of the best venues to get bespoke tailoring
Together, they founded the company that bears their names
One is in Mayfair, London, while the other is in Soho, New York
Both of these neighborhoods are in the United Kingdom


It would appear that James Bond is no longer the only man in the game when it comes to mysterious spies who dress in suits

 Buying types of fabric for men's suits from the most reliable brands

This is a development that is really exciting
Porter, a British online retailer, collaborated with the costume designer of the film “Kingsman: Secret Service” to produce a one-of-a-kind “Kingsman” fashion label
The collaboration was timed to coincide with the premiere of the film
This brilliant group got their idea for their mission from the movie, which depicts Kingsman agents posing as Savile Row tailors in order to carry out their missions
However, the collection is comprised of more than just movie memorabilia
Also of the double-breasted suits is streamlined and expertly built, and they each have a silhouette that is rigid and typically British


Even though this brand has only been around since the year 2000, it has already made its way to the top of the fashion industry because of its outstandingly beautiful designs and reasonable rates
Suitsupply has a wide variety of stylish and well-cut suits, so there is something there to satisfy the preferences of any man
After deciding whether you want to use pure wool, alpaca, cashmere, silk, or one of the other available materials, you may pick from a diverse array of patterns or traditional color options

 Buying types of fabric for men's suits from the most reliable brands

Do you feel that a shawl collar complements your appearance more than a notch or peak lapel does? Don’t be concerned; they provide all three options
Because they can be worn in a variety of ways and offer a selection of options, these suits are in high demand

Brunello Cucinelli

Brunello Cucinelli is a man of luxury and refined taste
He is known as the “King of Cashmere,” which is a nickname for him
As a result, this refined sense of style is readily apparent in the high-quality suits made in Italy that are produced for the company that bears his name
If you wear a suit by Brunello Cucinelli in a timeless hue, you will not only look dapper, but you will also feel great about yourself because this virtuous company gives away twenty percent of its income to charitable organizations

Paul Smith

Paul Smith, who hails from Britain, is known for providing men with suits that are traditional in style but have a fun and diverse edge to them

 Buying types of fabric for men's suits from the most reliable brands

These designs offer a contemporary spin on conventional aesthetics by using elements that are reminiscent of the classics but with a modern twist

Tom Ford

Tom Ford, who has worked as the creative director of prestigious fashion houses such as Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent in the past, is a master of the art of designing luxurious garments
Tom Ford is unrivaled when it comes to the production of high-quality, forward-thinking suits in the fashion industry
His slim-cut tuxedos and suits, as well as his luxurious dinner jackets, are available in a variety of eye-catching fabrics and styles
These garments, which are both refined and streamlined in appearance, are available for purchase
Any design created by Tom Ford is bound to make a statement, regardless of whether it is velvet or satin, leopard print, or shimmering swirls

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss is a well-liked suit brand among men all over the world since the brand’s suits are known for exuding both elegance and masculinity
Suits appropriate for every event are offered by the luxury brand, and they come in hues that are timeless and understated
Choose a suit with a classic and refined regular cut if you’re going to wear it to the office

 Buying types of fabric for men's suits from the most reliable brands

If you are looking for a modern suit that skims over the curves of the body while still providing a comfortable fit, the slim fit is the one for you
Last but not least, there are extremely slender cuts available to choose from for slick evening attire

Acne Studios

What was once a dominant brand in the Swedish denim industry has now developed into one of the most successful suit manufacturers in the world
The look of Acne Studio is always current because the brand specializes in contemporary, forward-thinking colors and shapes
This particular brand has a devoted following of customers all over the world since it caters to a diverse array of body types across its broad selection of available styles

Ralph Lauren Purple Label

Ralph Lauren is a luxury brand that has established a strong reputation in the world of high fashion since the company’s founding in 1967
As a result, the suits sold under the Purple Label brand are prime instances of exemplary craftsmanship and tailoring

 Buying types of fabric for men's suits from the most reliable brands

These suits are either ready-to-wear or can be personalized and built to measure, and the materials and fabrics used in their construction are of the highest quality possible


A minimalistic, form-fitting shape that emphasizes the wearer’s male physique is characteristic of a Lanvin suit
This design allows the garment to be recognized at a glance
Lanvin is regarded as a forerunner in the field of design because it is one of the oldest and most prestigious fashion firms in France
As a result, their menswear is crafted using the highest-quality fabrics that can be sourced from throughout the world
These outstanding tailors are the places to go for men who are looking for understated, elegant embellishments and dark, traditional colors


Reiss distinguishes itself from the competition thanks to its expertly executed cuts, high-quality fabrics, and design that is on-trend
They provide ready-to-wear suits in contemporary, classic, or slim fits, all of which feature traditional horn buttons, with the goal of satisfying the requirements of each individual customer

 Buying types of fabric for men's suits from the most reliable brands

Alternately, they also provide individualized tailoring services, in addition to outfits that can be totally customized
This ability to fully customize your suit from the cut and the lining down to the stitching and the buttons have made Reiss a favorite of celebrities and royals alike

Thom Browne

Thom Browne is a contemporary American brand that specializes in the production of fashionable suits
The company was founded in 2001
These designs feature both a functional and aesthetically stunning form
Well-cut and drawing from traditional techniques, they typically feature cropped hems, making them perfect for both the office and an elegant night out


For a masculine, superbly tailored suit, Dunhill is Britain’s answer to luxury bespoke menswear
What sets bespoke suits apart from ready-to-wear or made-to-measure equivalents is that the tailor drafts a new pattern for each individual client

 Buying types of fabric for men's suits from the most reliable brands

This firm responds to the specific preferences of its customers by offering the opportunity to buy a suit that is manufactured specifically to fit the consumer
The end product is of the highest quality


Over the course of more than eight decades, Canali has been producing high-quality suits that proudly bear the Made in Italy logo
Sold in more than 100 countries across the world, these internationally recognized suits are distinctive and handcrafted from the finest materials
For a unique jacket that is made just for you, Canali also offers a bespoke ‘Su Misura’ tailoring service

Brooks Brothers

Having provided suits to 40 out of the 45 American Presidents, as well as the cast of Mad Men and even the Muppet’s own Kermit the Frog, the Brooks Brothers are seasoned, suit professionals
Additionally, as the United State’s oldest clothing retailer, they are responsible for introducing the ready-to-wear suit to American men
Experts in tailoring, their designs provide modern twists on historical classics


The old-world nostalgia brought about by British suit maker, Hackett, invariably leads many to believe this brand goes back many generations

 Buying types of fabric for men's suits from the most reliable brands

In fact, the young company was founded in 1979 and has since then created suits fit for the perfect English gentleman
These suits are great for guys who are looking to exude elegance and are available in a variety of colors, including bold stripes and checks
Their silhouettes draw on military and sportier cuts making them a unique addition to any man’s wardrobe


In the 18th century, aristocratic gentlemen traveled to Italy to study art and culture
During this time, Kiton’s master craftsmen created made-to-measure suits, which are as coveted today as they were during that time
Deriving its name from the Ancient Greek ceremonial garment, the ‘chitone’ the brand exemplifies social distinction and impeccable quality
Made-to-measure suits take around 25 hours of effort and contain glossy silk lining stitched exactly to fit the curves of the user

 Buying types of fabric for men's suits from the most reliable brands

As a result, a Kiton suit is amongst the world’s most expensive


For more than seventy years, Corneliani has provided men with high-end suits that take inspiration from modern architecture and design
These structurally innovative pieces exude elegance and are available in exclusive made-to-measure styles
Perfected over generations, this luxury tailoring service involves 150 steps from start to finish
With over 750 different weaves and colors available, Corneliani makes any man’s dream suit a reality

Richard James

Richard James is a luxury brand that exemplifies the very best of British design and is famous for its streamlined and fitted lines
Although it is located on the prestigious Savile Row in London, the company’s designs pay homage to the rich history of English tailoring while also pushing the envelope of modern innovation
Single-breasted suit jackets are Richard James’ specialty, and he achieves this by collaborating with skilled workers from both Britain and Italy
In addition to sleek construction, this leading men’s tailor has mastered the creation of suits in both neutral hues and bright, seasonal colors

 Buying types of fabric for men's suits from the most reliable brands

M 1911

Luigi Bianchi, then 16 years old, left his family home in 1911 to pursue training in the art of tailoring, following in the footsteps of both his father and grandfather
Over a century later, the luxury label that was the fruit of his countless hours of labor is widely regarded as the gold standard for understatedly stylish men’s suits
Consequently, L
M 1911 outfits give off an air of nonchalance that can only be achieved via skilled craftsmanship
These suits are distinguished by the way in which they reinterpret the fashion and color palettes of the 1970s while utilizing contemporary cuts and forward-thinking materials
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