Khaki Wool Serge Fabric | Buy at a cheap price

Khaki Wool Serge Fabric | Buy at a cheap price

In this post, we are going to tell you a little about what a serge fabric is and the types of it
The fabric made of serge is sturdy
It often has a twill weave and is made with diagonal ribs that are visible on both sides
It can also be produced with a smooth-surfaced plain weave
Historically, wool or worsted was used to create this cloth
You can use cotton, silk, viscose, synthetic fibers, or mixtures of these
It is mostly used for sportswear, uniforms, suits, coats, and caps
Clothing linings are the major application for silk serge
The Latin word “Sericu,” which means “silk,” is where the word “Serge” originates
This shows that silk was the main fabric used in Serge at first
Since ancient times, serge, a twill fabric, has traditionally been used in uniforms and suits
This fabric, like other twills, has a unique weave that results in a pattern of diagonal ridges in the cloth and is renowned for being incredibly strong and tough
Additionally, it hangs and drapes nicely, complimenting a range of body types in a number of weights
Serge clothing can be found in many department stores, and fabric vendors also sell it for custom work
It appears that serge has a long history
Since the name “silken” is derived from the Greek serikos, it is likely that the cloth was imported to Europe from China
People were undoubtedly utilizing serge by the eighth century CE, but the wealthy were the main consumers of the material
The woolen variant was also invented by Europeans; by the 1500s, France was the main location for its manufacturing, which often used fine English wool

 Khaki Wool Serge Fabric | Buy at a cheap price

Wool serge works well for uniforms and suits, and it may be made in both light and heavy weights to accommodate different climates
It is a very adaptable, durable fabric that often handles crumpling and pressing quite well, making it practical for prolonged wear
When a suit is well-cut, the fabric also drapes beautifully, thereby enhancing the wearer’s form
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Because it is more delicate than wool serge, silk serge is typically used as a lining
Silk has a very pleasant feel on the skin and is naturally flexible, making it the perfect material for coat and jacket linings that are frequently rumpled and under a lot of stress
The fabric’s raised diagonal design is usually extremely undetectable, so it won’t be chafe
Because serge has historically been expensive and of extremely high quality, many people equate it with high-end clothing
Its durability makes it desirable for items like military uniforms, but the fabric’s variety of weights and adaptability make it appropriate for formal suits, grand coats, and other fancy clothing
It pays to spend the time trying on and thoroughly inspecting a serge-made item before buying it
The clothing should be attentively fitted and checked for defects because high-quality material will last a lifetime
In order to ensure that the clothing can be worn for years to come without looking out of date, it is also a good idea to choose a more traditional cut

 Khaki Wool Serge Fabric | Buy at a cheap price

Serge textures Serge is a type of textile fabric with a diagonal parallel rib pattern
Serge weave can be identified by looking at the diagonal lines that appear to run across the width of the fabric
Compared to plain weaves, this weave is more resistant to tearing because the yarns are woven at a smaller distance from each other, so this weave has a greater degree of internal movement
In addition, two threads bear more load when the fabric is torn
Serge fabrics are fabrics that have found wide applications
They can be produced in different ways
The main feature of this weave that sets it apart from other weaves is the dramatic diagonal lines that appear to run across the width of the fabric
The main features of serge texture are:

In this texture, a series of diagonal lines are formed from one border to another border

Warp thread and weft thread form more per unit area than plain weave

There are fewer connection points than plain weave

They have better coverage than plain textures

The thickness of the fabric and the mass per unit area of ​​the fabric are greater

Classification of serge textures Serge textures have different shapes
But they are generally classified into important categories
for example:

Regular or continuous textures
Zigzag, twill or wavy textures
Displaced serge weave, such as satin weave, satin weave, and rips serge weave
Mixed texture
The broken tissue is back
Patterned serge texture and other serge-related textures

 Khaki Wool Serge Fabric | Buy at a cheap price

The types of tissues above are further classified as follows:

Warp serge textures
Weft serge textures
Warp and weft serge textures

Warp serge textures In this type of serge weave, the warp thread is woven on all wefts in one repetition except for one weft
The minimum required repetition is three times
Weft serge textures This serge texture is different from the previous one
In this weave, the weft thread is woven upside down in every repetition except for one thread
Warp and weft serge textures In these serge weaves, the warp and weft threads may be woven equally or unequally, under and over, so that in the under and over weave, the warp threads may dominate over the weft threads and vice versa
Balanced and unbalanced serge textures In this type of serge weave, the warp and weft strands may be woven evenly or unequally
In other words, all types of serge weaves can be one-sided or two-sided
Therefore, they may be known as balanced or unbalanced serge weaves
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 Khaki Wool Serge Fabric | Buy at a cheap price

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