printed velvet fabrics purchase price + photo

printed velvet fabrics purchase price + photo

You can order printed velvet fabric in any size and design through this site
The high quality of the fabrics produced by our factory has increased its sales
We can meet your needs in high volume
If the durability and design of the fabric are important to you, we suggest you visit different parts of this site because you will find the product you need and we assure you that according to our many years of history, your purchase Are you satisfied?  
Production rate of printed velvet fabric
You need a lot of capital to start a drapery
Fabric sales revenue is greatly influenced by your area of ​​business
If the locals want to sew all kinds of clothes, you can easily achieve a high net income per month
Some other expenses, such as interest, taxes, as well as all inflows and outflows, should be included in operating profit
The result of these changes in operating and numerical profit that is obtained after calculating the total deductions is called net profit
Net income, which is the last line of the profit and loss statement is an important criterion for measuring and comparing the profitability of companies over time
By comparing changes in net income in different years, the company’s performance in terms of profitability can be evaluated
This number is also used to calculate financial ratios
Usually, these two terms are considered synonymous, but in fact, the use of each is different
Profit means residual income after expenses
There are several levels, depending on the cost from which the income is deducted
For example gross profit or operating profit
But net income is attributed only to the last line of profit and loss, where all expenses are deducted from income
This line is the net profit
The profit and loss statement is a financial statement that shows how much your business is earning and where it is going
Net sales figure in the case of profit or loss shows how much gross sales revenue is left when deducting discounts, returns and sales grants
Gross sales are the total unadjusted revenue of your business over a specified period

The major export of printed velvet fabrics

The designers we hire for the factory are very skilled and use modern designs to print these fabrics
Exports of our products to European countries are booming and these countries are our regular customers
A bulk order is more economical for buyers because intermediaries will be eliminated in this case
There are experienced engineers in the textile industry in our country who perform the necessary inspection at all stages of fabric production to produce a quality product
We have considered standard and durable packaging for the export of this product to maintain its health along the way
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