Synthetic Leather Price in India

Synthetic Leather Price in India

Synthetic leather in India is considered to replace leather in areas such as upholstery, clothing, shoes, and fabric, among other uses

Synthetic Leather in India

Synthetic leather (also called “faux leather”) or industrial leather is produced based on petroleum and is an excellent substitute for natural leather

While synthetic leather has many desirable characteristics of real leather, the nature of its construction is based on the fact that “it is not necessary to kill animals to create leather

Like natural leather, synthetic leather also has a soft surface and is resistant to water

It is durable and easy to clean

While synthetic leather is less durable than real leather, it is also resistant to abrasion and cuts, which makes it an ideal material for producing shoes, clothes, furniture, and more

 Synthetic Leather Price in India

Synthetic Leather Features in India

Most synthetic leather manufacturers produce this material in colors similar to real leather


Durable and Easy to Clean

Producing Shoes, Clothes, Furniture, and More

Yellow, Green, Purple, or Even Blue

Resistant to 
Water, Abrasion and Cuts

But some manufacturers try to differentiate their goods from those on the real leather market by making synthetic leather in yellow, green, purple, or even blue

Since synthetic leather works almost as well as regular leather at warming the body, it is a suitable material for outerwear such as jackets and singlets

Since it is not necessary to kill animals for the production of synthetic leather

Environmentalists must necessarily ignore the fact that synthetic leather is not biodegradable (it is not recycled), and the production of this material causes the release of harmful chemicals into the environment

 Synthetic Leather Price in India

Buy Synthetic Leather in India

Of course, it is not easy to distinguish natural leather from synthetic leather properly

Most people read the product label when they are buying, to make sure of the bag or shoes’ quality

Natural leather’s durability, beauty, and uniqueness are well-established issues, and it has long been obvious to all that natural leather has a considerably greater value and position than synthetic leather

Hold a leather purse or shoe and touch its surface if you wish to buy leather accessories

Natural leather often provides a sense of warmth and tenderness, whereas synthetic leather conveys a sense of hardness and coldness

 Synthetic Leather Price in India

Synthetic Leather Price in India + Buy and Sell

One of the most important factors affecting the price of raw synthetic leather is the order amount of this product because if you buy it in bulk, you will get a better price

Therefore, according to the mentioned points, the price of synthetic leather can be estimated between 7 and 12 dollars

The price for all types of leather, especially synthetic leather is fluctuating in the market based on the demand from wholesale buyers

And it should be noted that the domestically produced models are of better quality and more economical compared to foreign models

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 Synthetic Leather Price in India

The Answer to Two Questions About Synthetic Leather

1: How durable is synthetic leather, exactly?
The laminated surface of many synthetic leather fractures after only a few years of use, despite being easy to clean

2: Is synthetic leather susceptible to water damage?
Faux leather is waterproof because it is already made of plastic

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