Synthetic Leather Price in Kenya

Synthetic Leather Price in Kenya

Synthetic leather in Kenya is made from a polymer formulation that is dyed, and for this reason, it is molded and produced in a variety of colors and designs

Synthetic Leather in Kenya

Synthetic leather is provided by petroleum-based technology

This kind of plastic leather is produced to persist against animal injuries making cows, birds, and sheep leathers

So synthetic leather is also called vegan leather to say it’s animal right protecting

Synthetic leather is waterproof and has leather forms and colors

It lightens and smooths flat helps you clean easily and keeps its original beauty by waxing

You can use our synthetic leather product to make clothes, belts, wallets, shoes, bags, and some other goods in your company located in Kenya

We are providing high-quality leather with long resistance and durability in different thicknesses and types

 Synthetic Leather Price in Kenya

Synthetic Leather Features in Kenya

Synthetic leather is produced in different thicknesses as animal leather appropriate for different uses

Soft and hard leather is also available in synthetic leather to increase the similarity and quality of products compared to animal leather goods


Clothes, Belts, Wallets, Shoes and Bags

Cow, Snake, Crocodile and Ship Synthetic Leather 

About 2 to 5 Years

Known as 
Vegan Leather

In Kenya, we sell different types of leather as cow synthetic leather, snake synthetic leather, crocodile synthetic leather, ship, and other types

You can order the different colors of them if it’s not available naturally

We have all kinds of red, black, white, yellow, brown, blue, and other colors

Its stability and useful time of consumption of this leather are about 2 to 5 years

 Synthetic Leather Price in Kenya

Buy Synthetic Leather in Kenya

When buying synthetic leather in Kenya, be sure to pay attention to its thickness

Since this product is a plastic and polymer product and does not have very high resistance, you must calculate the appropriate thickness for your consumption and take it into consideration when buying

Choosing the right one with the right quality will allow you to use the final product for a long time

Special colors such as red, blue, purple, etc which are not available colors in natural leather, if chosen by you, will no longer resemble natural leather, and its synthetic will appear directly

There are different cuts of artificial leather in different sizes, you should pay attention to them while purchasing

 Synthetic Leather Price in Kenya

Synthetic Leather Price in Kenya + Buy and Sell

The price of synthetic leather in Kenya depends on different conditions and the quantity of your order

You can buy synthetic leather from our company at $
5 to $2 metric in different conditions and types

Synthetic leather is used in very thin thicknesses for the ears on watches, bracelets, and belts, which has a lower price than other types

Also, thicker leathers that are used in synthetic leather clothes and bags are of higher quality and more expensive

The difference in colors does not make difference in synthetic leather’s value and the cost of its preparation

The price of this leather depends on the price of oil and polymer

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 Synthetic Leather Price in Kenya

The Answer to Two Questions About Synthetic Leather

1: Can you wash synthetic leather?
Washing items with gentle soap and water will help clean imitation leather

2: Does synthetic leather withstand heat?
Faux leather is a common fabric for outerwear items like jackets and coats because it insulates body heat

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