Upholstery Fabric Types

Upholstery Fabric Types

Types of Fabrics are one of the most important materials in humans daily life and  their upholstery due to the different types and have a great impact on the beauty, charm and comfort of our homes

One of the important features of fabrics that help us to know and differentiate them as the best The possible shapes to use in the interior design of your home are:
origin of formation, design and color, texture and fibers
For more  complete information, let’s examine them according to the origin of the fabrics

Type 1: Plant fabrics such as linen, cotton and hemp

Type 2: Fabrics of animal origin such as silk and  wool

Type 3: Mineral fabrics such as asbestos, asbestos

Type 4: Synthetics such as nylon, dacron and polyester

Fabrics of plant origin are obtained from plant fibers and directly from nature, which has been widely used in human life since ancient times, such as fruit and leaf fibers

The salient feature of these fibers is that they are from nature

So they do not harm the environment, so if you are an environmentlover , this option is very suitable for you

 Upholstery Fabric Types

Sofa Fabric Catalogue

Preparing a good catalog is not a hard work to do, especially when you have a variety of different products such as fabric and sofa

 one of the most important points of preparing the best catalog ever for your brand and your products is using codes according to your materials and types

For example, when we started to provide our customers with best suggestions ever, we released that they need to know about details of our products and services, so we started to collect pictures of our best selling commodities with a short and sweet description about their materials like wood, fabric and other details

 if our customers ask us for more information we can provide them with the type of foam which we use in our products

  An important point to keep in mind is that you should not forget to code your products and categorize each code based on the type of furniture and the type of fabric used in it

 For example, your coding should be such that the category Classic furniture should be separated from royal and comfortable or their catalogs should be segregated

 Upholstery Fabric Types

Best Fabric for Sofa Upholstery

Choosing the most proper fabric for the design of your environment depends on your taste and the most prepossessing point is how much your budget is and what features you expect from their quality and their dubillity

 One of the most famous fabrics is produced in Turkish

 Turkish fabrics are wanted all over the world but nowadays because of their high price people don’t use them in their upholstery as much as they did in the last decade

 Iranian fabrics in a high grade and competitive in the global market

 In addition to their impressive quality, they don’t cost a lot, so they are an affordable choice to make

  According to fabrics texture and density, we can name lots of them which are so popular for covering different types of sofa

 Choosing the right upholstery fabric depends entirely on the type of furniture which is gong to be made , for example, we can mention the following:

Maserati: This type of fabric is one of the luxury fabrics, its texture is a bit like velvet and is very popular in the furniture industry

Linen: It is very similar to cotton and in terms of texture and fibers, its texture is very beautiful and shiny and it can be said that one of its drawbacks is that the stain is difficult to clean from it, so in general it needs more care to Do not get dirty

Although this type of fabric is not new and has been used since ancient times, due to its soft, light, and delicate texture and of course its gentle shine, it is very popular and widely used

Leather fabric: In general, two types of leather are natural and artificial
In our opinion its  biggest effect on the environment is that it makes your place more stylish and formal and generally gives a classic look to the environment
An important point about It is waterproof
One of the problems with this type of fabric is that its color is limited

Velvet fabric: It is a type of luxury fabric and is very popular and widely used, it has good strength and its appearance is very beautiful
One of the advantages of this type of fabric is that it has a very high color variety and its popularity is universal

 Upholstery Fabric Types

Upholstery Fabric Suppliers

There are many countries around the world that export various fabrics, especially upholstery fabrics

 As mentioned earlier, Turkey is one of the best, except for quality fabrics, one of the largest exporters of furniture in the Middle East

 The next country is China, which It is one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of upholstery fabrics and furniture in the world

 Iran is one of the countries in the Middle East that has done very well in the field of production and export of furniture with high-quality fabrics in recent years

 The quality of Iranian fabrics is excellent compared to Chinese fabrics of quality, and They have a better price compared to Turkish fabrics

 We hope that with the information that we have provided to you, you will be able to find your desired product and the country of its supplier in the best possible way, and easily supply your cargo

 Upholstery Fabric Types

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