Outstanding Tricot Double Knit for Exportation

tricot double knit It is one of the attractive and very popular products that has attracted many customers from all over the world. In the same way, we can see significant sales of this product on a daily basis. One of the most important things that has caused its customers to increase. It refers to the fabric used in it which is called knitwear which has made it very easy for us to export.

Outstanding Tricot Double Knit for Exportation

Construction of Tricot Fabric

Construction of Tricot Fabric Tricot is derived from the English word tricot, which is a special type of warp knitted. If you refer to the meaning of tricot, you will notice the difference with the definition of tricot in Iran. The definition of knitwear in the Iranian market is completely different and there are still differences between the definitions.

In most cases, and in general, knitwear is referred to as knitting, which is processed in two types, flat and round. Therefore, the licenses related to this activity are issued by the knitting and knitting class (knitwear and socks).

Knitwear and knitwear-related activities have attracted the attention of many clothing and textile activists in Iran due to their positive features, and according to unofficial statistics, activists are more interested in starting a business in this field.

Some knitwear activities are less complex and easier to set up than other areas of clothing (such as fastoni and leather), which makes them a priority; Examples include the printing of t-shirts and hosiery.

Yarns and fibers used in knitted fabrics

A variety of natural and synthetic yarns and fibers such as nylon, wool and silk fibers, viscose yarn, polyester, cotton, spun, lacquer and filament are used to produce knitwear. Fabrics made from natural and synthetic fibers have different properties and applications.

What Are Three Types of Tricot Knit Fabric?

What Are Three Types of Tricot Knit Fabric? Knitwear is a fabric and textile made from the circular texture of yarns. This fabric has a light weight and high flexibility and is suitable for designing and sewing different clothes. Various types of knitted textiles are produced with knitted loose fabric and blur loose texture.

In the following, we will tell you about several different types of Eaton products.

Advantages of knitting fabric
Knitted fabric is soft, flexible and durable and has a reasonable price. In this regard, a variety of these fabrics are available to clothing manufacturers and can produce a variety of products to market. Another advantage of knitted fabric is the variety of colors and designs. With the variety of these types of fabrics, it is possible to produce various products according to the different tastes of consumers.

  1. Polyester fabric: Polyester is a synthetic fiber that is obtained from oil and its derivatives. Polyester yarn is used to weave this fabric. This fabric has waterproof properties and is very durable. It is usually used to produce and sew all kinds of jackets, raincoats and sportswear.
  2. Melange fabric: Melange fabric is a type of fabric that is mostly used for women’s clothing and sewing ball gowns. In this fabric, cotton yarn and polyester with different percentages are used. Knitted melange texture has tiny knots. This fabric has a thickness and a smooth surface. Hence it is suitable for embroidery and painting on it.
  3. Knitted cotton fabric: Natural cotton fibers are used to produce this fabric. This fabric has a special softness and is a suitable option for producing all kinds of bedding fabrics and bedding products.

Incredible Tricot Double Knit Bulk Price

Incredible Tricot Double Knit Bulk Price Nowadays one of the important benefits arises great tricot double knit cost They know, and in the same way, day by day, we can see countless customers who have left a lot of purchases of this product. You also have to buy proper tricot double knit Through this site, you can register your order online with our sellers and buy the desired product in bulk, and at a wholesale and reasonable price, cheaply and cost-effectively.


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