Perfect Cotton Serge Fabric Price

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Perfect Cotton Serge Fabric Price

Different Uses of Cotton Serge Fabric

 Different Uses of Cotton Serge Fabric In this article, we will examine issues such as good cotton surge fabric; good cotton serge fabric, cotton serge fabric uses, proper cotton serge fabric. Cotton cloth is suitable for sewing tablecloths, cushions, sleeping goods, curtains, rice bags, decorative bags and garment and sweatshirts

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The Texture of Cotton Serge

The Texture of Cotton Serge The way the threads (warp yarns) depend on the type of weave, the properties of fabric blurry is effective. This factor is important (how to position yarn) can be due to conflict skewed yarn, a key element in the fabric serge is this as a result for engineers, textile and garments is very important. To do this, forty-six fabrics of weft blur (in weft density, yarn score and different weave design) were produced by Sulzer machine and tested with 350-tensile strength of Yazd University.

The resulting diagram was extracted from tensile device, fabric elongation, initial modulus and pulling force. Compare the deformation of the fabric (due to relaxation: the release of tension weaving) with a simple texture and serge showed up. تجعد fabric with tissue serge three-dimensional, and, depending on the density of the yarn is different. Clearly, this type of curtailment can affect the mechanical properties of the fabric and be shown as a result.

Comparison of the results showed that in the direction of weft, the elongation of the head tissue is more than simple tissue, while in the direction of blurred elongation of plain tissue is more. By reducing the weft density, the elongation is reduced, which is more common in plain weave than in head weave.

The rate of elongation of the head tissue depends on the two-dimensional and three-dimensional yarn curvature effects. It was also found that the initial modulus of plain tissue is greater than the head tissue. In addition, the initial modulus of plain weave directly corresponds to the increase in weft density (in confirmation of previous works), but this effect does not follow the same trend in the headgear fabric. The increase in weft density initially reduces the initial modulus and the continuation of changes in weft density in order to increase the initial modulus. This is due to the deformation of the yarn in the fabric of the head with an increase in weft density.

In fact, increasing the density of a web space to tilt the weft (reducing the length of the third dimension) can reduce and, consequently, the force required to smooth out the yarn, and the weft is increased.

Cotton Serge Fabric for Wholesale

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