Super Wool Serge to Export

Super wool serge to export، different countries are introduced in the best qualities and these products as the main raw materials currently have special applications in various industries. These types of pumps, in addition to the textile industry are currently the best fibers for coating. Sound and thermal insulation are used.

Super Wool Serge to Export

Is Serge a Twill Weave?

Is Serge a Twill Weave? In twill serge , the fibers are wavy in such a way that oblique lines appear across the fabric. In typical designs, the marking on the drawing paper starts at the bottom left and is dragged to the right. That is, if a symbol is placed on the first string, the same symbol must be repeated on the second string.

But it should also be noted that the starting point on the next fabric is one fabric higher than the previous fabric. Serge weaves can not be made on two threads, but on any number of yarns that are more than two, one weave can be created. In normal headbands, the number of warp and weft yarns in one weave is equal, and the oblique lines formed by the use of the headband design on the fabric can be seen from both sides, except that if the headline lines are on one side of the fabric.

From bottom to top and from left to right, on the other, the lines will be from right to left. In the above designs, pattern number one is prepared on four threads and pattern number two is prepared on three threads, and each is a complete repetition, and if the same pattern is repeated, a sloping line with an angle of 45 degrees is created on the fabric, which results The ripple is two threads.

The texture of the head is usually shown as a fraction, the face of which indicates that the yarn is facing and its denominator is below the yarn, and according to a contract, the face numbers are a sign of fullness, the squares of the design paper and the denominators are a sign. The emptiness of the paper houses is a design. For example, the 3.5 head, ie 5 threads, face and 3 threads, is placed under the yarn and is shown on the design paper of each thread with 5 full cells and 3 empty cells.

Similarly, the meaning of the 3/2 and 1/2 headings texture is 3 full houses, 2 empty houses, and 2 full houses and one empty house. In general, making each thread with a certain number of threads is a function of a principled method, based on which we repeat the texture by adding the face numbers and the denominator of the fraction, and determine the number of threads under or above the thread and a texture repeat.

blue serge material Produced using the best fleece. Finally, they are used to make a variety of suit fabrics.

Super Wool Serge Features

Super Wool Serge Features serge suit fabric One of the best and highest quality fabrics used for sewing suits is the material of this beautiful, dense and well-shaped fabric. For this reason, it is used for sewing parliamentary suits. Fastoni fabric is usually made of wool and sometimes has a mixture of wool and fluff. In some cases, a mixture of wool and polyester is also used for this type of fabric. Of course, some of the types of fastoni fabrics that are offered in the market are made of pure wool. Such fabrics will be much more expensive. The price of woolen fabric has a high value and price due to its purity

Super Wool Serge in Bulk

Super Wool Serge in Bulk Super Wool Serge in Bulk They are offered at very reasonable prices, and as we mentioned, these products are used to prepare all kinds of men’s and women’s suits, and there are many fans to prepare them in the domestic market and.


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